Friday, February 24, 2006

EVENTS and catch-up

it's been far too long since i posted something here. not much time, so this is just quick.

BIG EVENTS lately:
  1. my woman went bye-bye - she's back in maRaysia. :,-( apt. is way too quiet, cat is nuts, and i'm gonna have to start doing dishes again.
  2. my "rank order list" for the match is submitted and unchangeable. only ranked 5 programs, but hopefully i'll be ok. will find out March 13th if i matched, and (if so) will find out where on March 16th. and will promptly get drunk afterward. might do that on march 13th too - if i'm not stuck scrambling for an unmatched program.
  3. delayed taking my USMLE step II computer exam - was booked for today, but 2 days ago (after speaking with staff here - to make sure i can take time off my psych rotation later to sit for exam) - at cost of $100 and > 2 hours playing on computer and speaking with the testing service via phone - i'm rebooked for monday March 6. at least now i'll have a chance to open a book first - assuming i take advantage of the time!! i'm not really bummed about the cost - a mere drop in the bucket compared to the $1,430 to take the exams (computer and skill-station parts). For those that don't yet know - the computer portion of the exam is a 9 hour (yes, nine) 1-day exam. The skill-station part is only offered in 5 cities in the US - i'm scheduled to take that (another full-day exam) in May in Houston (yes, Texas). Fun!
  4. finally finished (last night) the last big event for the class i'm TA-ing. sorta. they still have one more quiz and their final exam - which i'll have to work more on the huge "review packet" for, and type up exams once i pester the prof enough to provide the questions. and of course in april are the gyne labs, but thankfully the instructor coordinates most of that.
  5. monday i start my last core rotation - psychiatry. i've been dreading it, but theoretically it should be a lot of fun. i've been out of the clinics since mid-december, so it's a bit to get used to again.
i think that's most of it, worth mentioning.

i caught up on my woman's blog, and she posted an interesting link (see below chart for link) on "linguistics" .... i took the quiz and here's my result:

Your Linguistic Profile:

75% General American English

10% Upper Midwestern

5% Dixie

5% Midwestern

5% Yankee

sorta interesting. :-) check here for lynne's results.

in terms of lynne's return ... we're waiting out the red tape for the fiancee visa. they should BEGIN processing our application at the Nebraska Service Center within the month (knock on wood) - there's of course a backlog. after that processing time, we'll be granted permission for her to apply at her local embassy there for the ACTUAL fiancee visa. another couple of months for that .... i'll keep things posted here as i find out.

most likely lynne will trip in to help me look for a place if/once i match. so maybe end of march? perfect - right in the middle of my psych rotation - i'll need the burst of [in]sanity by then i'm sure. :-)

ok - out! hugs, kisses, and Coke Zero(tm)!

btw, how the hell do you do "superscripts" here?!? or don't you.....


Anonymous said...

What are you doing reading my posting? You need to go and crack the books. Sheesh!

Belinda said...

Here's my linguistic profile, in case you're interested. I find it fascinating that we grew up in the same house, and aren't exactly the same. Go figure!!

***Your Linguistic Profile:***

65% General American English

20% Upper Midwestern

10% Yankee

0% Dixie

0% Midwestern

What Kind of American English Do You Speak?