Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Four Weddings and a Funeral

Woke up this morning to see Bonzo's txt msg on my phone: gotta scramble.

Oh, bugger.

Lemmie translate: All those interviews he attended were part of this elaborate process that ultimately matched 4th year medical students with hospitals/schools where they would do their internships.

I don't know what the (students graduating :internship places) ratio is, but I suppose there will always be cases of some end up not getting "matched" despite going through the elaborate process. So they need to "scramble" for any places that still have open spaces, if any.

Bugger, bugger, bugger.

(If you have the image of Hugh Grant banging his head against a tent pole while muttering those words, from the movie that's the title of this blog post, well, you're on the same track as me :p )

In this case, it seems there are 5 spots open for dunno how many applicants: 1 in west, 1 in midwest / central, and 3 in south (inlcuding puerto rico). Actual locations not available until noon tomorrow. And all he can so is "get on the phone, and wheel-and-deal / send out application materials".

Did I say bugger yet?

Will find out March 16th whether he managed to get a scrambled place, or if we need to go to plan B. or C. or D. or E. :D

Stay tuned.


(NOTE: reposted this back to "u.s. time", i.e. 12hrs earlier than "actual" Malaysian time)

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